The Need

Do you remember what it’s like to play? More than anything, it should be fun! After all, a kid is only a kid once in their life. They should be able to enjoy time with friends and develop their interests in a positive and encouraging environment.

For many children, however, there are significant barriers to participating in sports and recreational activities that are out of their control. Not only do they lose the chance to play, they also miss out on the benefits of living an active life as they grow into young adults.

The Obstacles to Play

The Need for Youth Sports

It’s harder than ever to participate.

Less than half of American kids play a sport, and the number keeps dropping, especially for girls. (The Aspen Institute)

The cost to play is prohibitive.

Kids whose families are in the lowest income brackets have the highest levels of inactivity. (Newsday)

Schools can’t afford to offer sports.

It’s estimated that nearly 30% of America’s public high schools won’t offer sports by 2020. (CNBC/Up2Us Sports)

What’s At Stake

Kids learn life lessons through play.

Recreation helps kids learn teamwork, respect for others, coping skills and self-discipline. (UNICEF)

Youth sports lead to happy lives.

Teens that play sports tend to perform better academically and eventually have happier families. (The Atlantic)

Active kids are healthy kids.

Regularly active children build stronger bones and muscles at healthier weights. (Shape America)

Happy Teen Student

How We Help

While there are many reasons that kids are missing out on opportunities to play, we believe it’s possible to make a difference by helping one child, family, team or school at a time. The Play On Foundation aims to reach underserved communities, where addressing funding gaps and other immediate needs can make a real impact. Will you join us?