Our Program

The Play On Foundation provides opportunities for kids in need to participate in sports and recreation as a way to help them develop skills that last a lifetime. Across the country, participation in recreational activities is dropping as it becomes increasingly difficult and expensive to play —especially for families, communities and schools that are under-resourced.

Our approach to this widespread problem takes many forms:

  • Offering scholarships and grants to help fund school programs, send kids to camp, cover tuition, and pay for equipment
  • Collecting in-kind donations of gear and supplies to reduce barriers to participation
  • Supporting like-minded organizations that help children have fun and build life skills through play
  • Raising awareness of the positive benefits of sports and recreation through events and community outreach

By offering small solutions that directly support children and their parents, we encourage the next generation to become positive contributors to their own communities, paying it forward as they play on in the game of life.

Request Support

The only eligibility requirement for support is alignment with our mission. Decisions are made by our directors on a case-by-case basis. If you’d like to request support for yourself or someone else, please contact us for more information.

Get Involved

To reach as many kids as possible, we’re looking for people like you to help spread the word and become supporters. The Play On Foundation offers many ways to get involved that are adaptable to your interests and availability, including volunteering, partnerships, and events. Donations are also greatly appreciated as we grow our program to meet demand.