While the history of the Play On Foundation is only just beginning, the story of how it came to be has been decades in the making.

In 2018, the Play On Foundation was launched by Cooper, Carson, Charlotte and Samantha Cohen in honor of their late grandfather, Jack Cohen. Growing up in New York City, Jack was a talented high school athlete who continued his football career at the college level. It was only natural that he dedicate much of his life to coaching youth sports, including football, soccer and wrestling.

Over the years, Jack’s teams and athletes saw great success when it came to winning titles and championships. But for Jack, the most meaningful reward was serving as a mentor in kids’ lives, offering support and guidance during important years in their development. Today, even forty years later, many of Jack’s athletes credit their coach as one of the most positive influences in their lives.

In creating the Play On Foundation, we invite you to help build on this legacy. Let’s give kids in need a chance to experience the joy and challenges of sports and recreation so that they can thrive and build even stronger communities.

Join Us

The potential impact of our work is exponentially greater with the support of volunteers, partners and donors like you. If you’d like to help young athletes through our program, we welcome you to get involved and become a part of this story. Together, we can build a team that reaches more children in underserved communities.